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What We Offer in IT Services


2kPlus Information Systems Consulting Inc. is an IT services company offering a wide range of capabilities from developing strategic IT architectures to designing and delivering custom software applications and Web sites. Below is a brief list of some of the key services we offer, but if you have a need that you don’t see listed there, contact us anyway, because if we don’t know how to satisfy your problem, we’ll know who can or we will help you find someone who can.

Service Description
Developing a Strategic Vision One of the significant challenges of running an IT shop, especially with enterprise class installations, is keeping up with the pace of the changing technology used to implement IT services. Having a strategic IT vision helps smooth out the bumps and focus on what’s important to delivering the value IT provides to your users.

The mission of 2kPlus, when it was founded, was to bring a strategic perspective to every task it undertakes for a client, to ensure enduring value is delivered with every contract.
Developing a Technical Architecture

If you know where you’d like to go, it’s important to choose the right technology that will get you to your objectives and position your organization for the next steps in your plan.

There is no “GPS” device for an IT plan, that tells you when and where to turn to achieve your objectives. You need experienced and understanding people that have been there to provide you with good advice.


Data Model and Database Design

Any organization that supports their business with a database knows the value that database brings to their organization, as well as the consequences of a data model that doesn’t match their business model. Getting the data model right and being able to adapt it to changing business processes, is key to effective delivery of IT capabilities.

Where’s there’s data, there’s value. Next to your people, the content and usefulness of your IT systems will be critical to your success. 2kPlus can help you get it right.
Systems Analysis and Design Whether it’s a current system that is not responding well to your requirements, or if you are thinking of a new system to address new needs, understanding the requirements and being able to translate them into an effective solution can make you a hero.

2kPlus can help you with this often complex task.
Software Development and Testing When it comes to the details, 2kPlus can help you write the specifications and write the code for whatever type of solution you need. Or 2kPlus can provide assurance that what you plan on implementing will work. 2kPlus will assist with comprehensive testing services to protect your production environment.
System Administration and Support Putting IT systems in place only works well when they have good administration and operational support. Whether its day to day administration or writing standard operating procedures, 2kPlus can provide quality support to your organization.